Bobby The Brown Long-Eared Bat


Welcome to the official on-line home of Bobby the Brown long-eared bat where you may find out about Bobby and his author and creator, learn some bat facts and where you may find a link to purchase the first Bobby book.

Bobby Book


“In the old farmhouse, a number of mother bats were resting, huddled together with their pups, hanging downwards along the ridge beam in the attic, with their long ears curled backwards like rams horns. Amongst them were Bobby and his mum.”


From childrens novelist A.S.Mills comes a story about little Bobby, his family of bats and the first journey he takes in the outside world.

Copyright © 2016 by Angela Mills Published by Mills Stride Publications. Illustrations Copyright © 2016 by Kate Wyatt.


Chris Packham

Chris Packham and Bobby the Brown Long–Eared Bat



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